Most of us want to make a difference in someone's life.

Why not start with our own?

We are all in this together and the world needs us to step up and be who we were meant to be, to be who we really are.  We women are so good at being creative, compassionate, and nurturing. 

* Do you feel that it’s time to turn some of that creativity and compassion inward, towards yourself? 

* What would it mean to our world as a whole if we women chose to embrace our own significance? 

Here at WMC we believe it’s time to turn those amazing talents and gifts towards our own selves and in doing that, through loving ourselves with the same and equal compassion we give to others, we can begin to create lasting change in our own lives.  By starting with ourselves, we have found there is a ripple effect, like a pebble in a pond, spreading positive change further and further out, not just to our own families but even further into the world.   

We can't give what we don't have. Not to our children, our partners, or the world.

help impoverished children but first help yourself

If you’ve ever read about a charity and wished you could do more...

if you’ve ever looked at an impoverished child’s face and wanted to make a difference but had no idea how...

if you've ever felt too exhausted, busy, or insignificant to make that difference, then Women Making Changes is the tribe for you!

We can help you to:

  • add more of what you love to your everyday life
  • voice your truth
  • create healthy boundaries
  • face the fears and negative thinking that keep you stuck
  • become an example to your children of living a fun, creative life that you are passionate about
  • experiment with small but radical changes that can make a world of difference

Changing our lives for the better is a process that takes time, effort, practice, and a lot of experimenting. We promise to share our honest experiences with you, and understand that everyone has a different life experience.

One thing we do share as women is that most of us have given away too much of ourselves for too long. Many of us were born into a world that praises us for giving to others before ourselves. We decided to change that up a bit and give back to ourselves (at least some of the time!) and it has made all the difference.

Are you ready?

There are just two quick steps to take:

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2. Click here to voice your truth.