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Like many people in the US, last week I indulged in a little Powerball-induced fantasy. I had quite a few ideas of what I would do if I suddenly had millions of dollars, some more outlandish than others!

One of our family dreams/goals is to design and build a house, and I actually spent some time working on lists of things I  would definitely add if our budget magically expanded. (In the interest of full disclosure, I was totally procrastinating working on something else. :) ) 

I got pretty specific about the kitchen…probably because lately I’ve been really unhappy with the one I have. I made a very detailed list about what I wanted in a baking center. I even looked at the baking tools I have now, and decided what would stay, what I’d replace, and how I really wish I could store these things.

(I told you–I was procrastinating!)

I didn’t win the lottery. But the day afterward, it suddenly occurred to me: I could have some of that baking center, right now…without that much effort, and no cost to start.

All I had to do was clean out a drawer, move some things around, and I had part of what I wanted. A sample…a beta version of the baking center I had imagined.

I was talking with my husband about this later on. He pointed out that what I’d done was really no different from all the other things Kel and I talk about on this site…about not waiting for the “perfect someday” to get started. “We all think that since we can’t do the big version of our thing right now, we can’t move on it at all,” he said, “but maybe that’s not true for anything. We just overlook the small things we could be doing to start moving the way we want to go.”

It worked for writing…it seems it works for baking centers too. I believe that imagining what I wanted in detail is what let me see the parts of this baking center I could make happen right now. I think it might be time to look at some of those other big plans and see what teeny tiny steps I might be able to put into play.

I’m curious: Do you have a big dream that you feel like you’d need “magical” intervention to make happen? Have you spent any time thinking about it in detail, or does the size of it keep you away from visualizing what you really want?






PS: I want to congratulate our reader Geni (who guest posted last week)–she and her daughter reached their stretch goal for their Kickstarter project, Mechanical Animals! Congrats, ladies!!

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