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It’s not the change you’re procrastinating…it’s the decision

I talked for months about changing my office to make it a more focused place before I found the key that propelled me into action. Guess what that was? I had to decide which wall in my living room I wanted to paint. Sounds crazy, I know. Here’s how it played out. I had bookshelvesContinue Reading

6 Responses to It’s not the change you’re procrastinating…it’s the decision

  1. Once again, you have nailed it!

    “The decision might be about what you really want or need. It’s easier to go through your books once you’ve decided that you’ll only keep the ones you love AND will read again. Until you’ve made that decision, you keep getting hung up on your love for books and what they meant once upon a time.”

    Ever since I did my big clean/declutter/move in the spare bedrooms last month, I have been debating whether to get rid of a certain author’s books that I have collected over the years. I love his writing and I’ve read all the books, but I really really doubt that I am ever going to read them again. I’ve had some over ten years and not reread once, whereas I’ve read the complete Outlander series three times in those ten years. Something tells me I can get rid of those books safely, which will make room for those few left stacked on top of the bookcase!

    Thank you, Tracy!

    • Tracy Richardson says:

      You’re welcome! Books are a big struggle for me too…and to complicate matters, we HAVE the space and both my husband and I like the look of a library! But that doesn’t mean I have to keep them all. So I really needed some rule of thumb to help me get over the debate!

      I’ve been playing with this “revelation” for the past month or so, and I keep finding it to be true, whether it’s about something I believe (I can choose NOT to anymore, it turns out!) or about my stuff.

    • Nin-Carol says:

      But, but, but, I’ve only recently started to reread books. For years I insisted there were too many new books I wanted to read to reread old favorites. But now, sometimes, I need the comfort and familiarity. So if I’d gotten rid of them all before, where would I be now?

      Now that I’ve shared my whine, the true of the matter is that I’m doing the same thing you are. I am getting rid of books I know I won’t reread – and even a few that I haven’t read for the first time. I have a pretty good idea which ones I might reread and which ones I never will.

      That being said, I’m stalled in rereading the Outlander series because I just don’t know if I can read the Stephen Bonnet stuff again…

      • Kel Wilson says:

        One of the things I did was to look up some books at my library. Many, many, MANY books I was holding on to are super easy to pick up at almost any library. Now, if you like having a wall of books or a library then by all means keep the books. But if your keeping them to read one day, maybe you can by just borrowing it from the library?

        One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my decluttering this year is to TRUST. Trust that if you want something again it will be easy to have again. Trust that you can find it, that it will cross your path again. Lots of not letting go is is not trusting the future.

        Just throwing that out there. 😉
        With Love,

      • Tracy Richardson says:

        You know what the best part of rereading books is? You can SKIP the stuff you didn’t like the first time around. Like, Stephen Bonnet. (I’m with you on that.)


  2. Nin-Carol says:

    I had to come back and tell you what I had to decide about. Thursday evening I was in a mood and nothing suited me. I couldn’t even figure out what I wanted to do. So, while I was trying to figure that out, I got out a small quilt top that only needed borders and it would be ready to quilt. I’ve been auditioning fabric for that for months, literally. So, inspired by your post, I just added the first one, which I had decided on, and then just went to my stash and pulled out something else which would work. Next morning I layered it while talking to my son on the phone and tomorrow I plan to start quilting it.

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Kel’s Decluttering Saga Continues–The Paper Purge

Adding something you love to your life doesn’t just bring a whole lot of enjoyment to your days, it brings a whole lot of clarity as well. When I started painting everyday, I loved it!  So much so that I wanted more of it.  As I looked around my life I found a lot ofContinue Reading

3 Responses to Kel’s Decluttering Saga Continues–The Paper Purge

  1. Kel, I made a list of things to take care of in my office… each item is tiny, like “organize top left drawer of desk”… there are THIRTY small tasks! Just in ONE room! I haven’t started yet, but reading this post gives me incentive. I think I’ll start on Oct. 1 & just mark off one per day. How cool would it feel to reach the end of the month & have an organized office, with barely any effort daily yet so much accomplished over 30 days?! “Baby Steps”… right? If this works out well, maybe I’ll make another 30-item list for the following month, in a different room… hmmm… what to conquer next??? X.x

    • Kel Wilson says:

      I love this! This is exactly what I’m hoping more readers do. Just make a list of little tiny things. I think you will see a HUGE difference at the end of the month. It’s funny that you’re writing about this because we are starting a “tech” clutter challenge tomorrow that includes our desks, so very similar!

  2. […] might remember that Kel set herself a goal of getting rid of 500 things in her home. I never set a goal like that, but I found that rearranging my office to better suit my […]

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