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4 Reminders to Do The Work

After reading many beautiful books, having countless conversations with many friends, and subscribing to many blogs, I realized that my dreams were um…not coming true. In a blinding flash of wisdom during a particularly low point in life, it occurred to me that I might actually have to DO SOMETHING to make any of themContinue Reading

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  1. Dee says:

    Wonderful post! I’m coming off of a HUGE event at work, and trying to recapture my life. Some of this will involve rest and meditation, other parts will be doing – especially doing the things that were left behind in the planning for this huge event. And I also need to forge some new paths, make lasting time for myself. It’s a tall order, but the items on this post go a long way toward that.

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The October Tech Decluttering Challenge…Now What?

October was dedicated to cleaning up my tech clutter.  All things related to my computers and my desk were the target of my scrutiny.  What I didn’t plan on were 2 surprise visits to Wisconsin to visit my 16 year-old daughter who’s in a one-semester boarding school.  I spent roughly the first two weeks ofContinue Reading

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  1. […] week Kel and I talked about her decision to extend her Tech Clutter Challenge. I personally was all for her doing that. She was enjoying what she was getting out of it, and I […]

  2. carolburris says:

    I’m with you on this one, as it will be three and a half weeks that I’ve been gone. In fact, I’ll probably give myself all of the month of November. :)

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A dirty little secret about making changes

I’m going to tell you a dirty little secret about making changes. I think you already know this deep down–in fact, it might be part of why you haven’t made some of the changes you keep saying you want to make. Are you ready? To say “yes” to the things you really want in yourContinue Reading

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  1. I’ve wanted to comment on this post since I first read it, but it has brought such mixed emotions to me that I really don’t know what to say. I have felt so drained by this legal crap I’m dealing with and have so many emotions swirling about. I feel like I can’t make any real decisions, yes’s or no’s, while this is all going on. I’m glad that you have found a bigger yes to help with your no’s, Tracy.

    • Tracy Richardson says:

      It’s a nasty place to be, Karen. My post today is about a couple of shifts in focus I’ve had to make recently. I’m in a weird place too. I hope your legal woes are short lived…it’s not easy to be stuck in the middle of something. Remember to take care of yourself.

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Paper Trail–4 Lessons I Learned From My September Paper Declutter

“We tend to think of decorating as adding things, but one of the best ways to get started on your living-space autobiography is by subtracting – ridding your home of objects that make you feel bad.” –Martha Beck (Note: I did not start my changes by decluttering. I started by adding something I love toContinue Reading

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  1. Nin-Carol says:

    I guess I’m dealing with paper clutter, too, this month, in the form of a huge pile of quilting magazines. What I’m doing (right now, in fact!) is scanning what I want to keep and then taking the rest to my quilt guild meetings where other quilters are happy to take them home. What doesn’t get taken after two months goes to the library book sale. I think I’ve gone through about 2/3 of my pile now. It’s only going to clear off a small part of one book shelf, but the psychological space is much bigger than that.

    • Kel Wilson says:

      I agree with your last statement so much Carol. The psychological space created by dealing wtih some of this stuff is enormous. So many books, magazines and piles that I would look at and think, “I really need to…(read it, save the pictures that I want, file, etc.)

      I find it interesting that this month has resulted in the most noticable amount of peace and simplicity in my life.

  2. Thank you for sharing my post, Kel. I’m glad you found it helpful!

    • Kel Wilson says:

      I’m not sure you remember, but we met in the hallway in Portland at World Domination just before entering the class rooms. :)
      I adore your blog and have found it SO helpful.
      Thank you for all the tips and help you give.

  3. Isn’t it nice to have everything you need for a certain task in one spot? And where you know it should be? I am enjoying having all my crochet stash (yarn, books, etc) all in one room and organized! Kudos to you, Kel, for getting all that paper weeded down and under control!

  4. […] paper clutter-files, books, magazines, art word, receipts, and general piles of white stuff.  You can read more about this category here, and here. […]

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Creating Abundance in a World of Deprivation

  a·bun·dance/əˈbəndəns/ Noun: A very large quantity of something. The quantity or amount of something, e.g., a chemical element or an animal or plant species, present in a particular area, volume,… Abundance is a huge buzz-word in the self-help world. I don’t know how many times I’ve read that we should “create abundance” and “live abundantly,”Continue Reading

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  1. I haven’t felt the cloud of scarcity for MONTHS but I remember that feeling all too well. I keep it away with chocolate every day. LOLZ… just kidding (kind of. not really.)! I read & write & make lists and then shred the lists. These are the things I love best, on a daily basis, besides spending time with my hubz & kids. Also? Doctor Who. (someone had to say it!)

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