meditation is for the birds

Our discussion about our fledgling meditation practices went like this:

Kel said, “I made it for about 4 minutes today!”

I replied, “Does sitting really still and thinking count? Because if it does, then I meditated for almost an hour. Otherwise…”

meditation instructions

When your best friend and partner in crime blogging is a wildlife biologist, you learn all sorts of interesting things. Things like why you should never be on the stinging end of a male platypus, or how to resuscitate a drowned lizard. (For the record: no mouth-to-mouth required.)

Or how to feed an injured wild bird.

The bird is wild. It has no reason to trust you…and many, many instincts telling it that no matter how still and calm that person with the food in her hand is, that is a dangerous place to go.

And so you come back, every day. You spread the seed from your hand, and wait. And one day–not tomorrow, not next week, but MAYBE one day–the bird will have built enough trust in your intentions to come closer. If you’re really lucky, maybe it will come eat out of your hand.

yes, pigeons are wild birds too Evelyn. Injured wild bird. Skill at meditation is unknown.

Your mind is that wild bird. Meditation is the practice of sitting, your palm open, the trail of seeds leading to it, waiting patiently for the day when the bird-mind feels enough trust in your intentions and energy to come a little closer, to finally take a seed from your hand.

I’m hoping that one day, my own bird-mind realizes the silence is friendly.

Do you have a meditation practice? Or another way to quiet the noise in your mind that works for you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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2 Responses to meditation is for the birds

  1. Carol says:

    I’ve worked at mediation for several years now – and your wild bird image is a good one! I’m still waiting for it to get easy.
    I use a variety of tools to help me including guided mediation audios and one which just rings bells at intervals which allows me to let go of the time issue.

    One practice that works especially on busy days is to count deep breaths. Just breathe consciously and count them, aiming to get to 100. Easy and portable and sometimes the counting overrides the million other thoughts.

    • Tracy Richardson says:

      I don’t know how I missed this!

      The bells at intervals is a nice idea. I just realized I could use my phone with a different tone for the timer function. (No need to startle myself!) I’m putting the counting practice into my bag of tricks too. That’s a good, simple one.

      I’m working with an acceptance practice–heard it from Martha Beck. It’s new to me, so I can’t report too much yet.

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