Steadfast in Nature



A new year, a new calendar, a new focus!

I couldn’t be happier for a new year, and was not sorry to see 2012 go.  I spent most of last year quite sick, starting on New Year’s Eve of last year, up until about a week before this past Christmas.  In fact, the first 3 weeks of December I was hooked up to an IV.

The reality is, without health everything is so much harder.  I was forced to sit and be still with the IV and I didn’t take that time lightly.  My health just has to take priority in 2013.

Two years ago I worked very hard to reduce meaningless busy work from my life.  Reflecting on this past year I realize that in 2012 what I’ve done is replace it with new distracting busy work.  Illness, a new project, and even blogging have distracted me off my carefully chosen path of a more focused, mindful, and creative life.

So I tried to come up with a single word for 2013 and like Tracy, found it difficult.  I ended up with a short phrase that captured a way to refocus my days. The words remind me, both together and separately, what I really want this year.

Steadfast in nature


  • Details–quality over quantity
  • Unwavering–not allowing outside forces to sway me
  • Patience–taking the time,even though it may feel long, to do “it” right
  • Daily effort
  • Discipline–remember what I really want
  • Un-hurried
  • Finishing–especially unfinished business


  • Restoring my natural state of health
  • Listening to my body and what it needs and its natural rhythms.
  • Taking time to breathe and be quiet
  • Spending time outside in natural settings
  • Starting and keeping a nature journal
  • Making my own natural cleaners, pet food, and cosmetics
  • More unprocessed natural foods
  • The Saving Face Project–producing art with wild things and wild places in mind
  • Walking–a natural way to move AND be outdoors  This is my inspiration.

In an effort to start the year off with my focus in mind we drove up to the rim on New Year’s Day.

steadfast in nature

steadfast in nature


steadfast in nature

The snow was REALLY deep!  She’s sunk up to her belly.

steadfast in nature


steadfast in nature

steadfast in nature


Nature is my focus in 2013 and I return to it in a steadfast way, and being steadfast is my nature!



Photo credits: Kel Wilson


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Kel Wilson

I am a wildlife biologist turned wife and mother, and more recently artist and blogger. It’s my mission to spread this idea to as many women as possible: Stop punishing and depriving yourself! You are so important, unique, and special! Start loving yourself enough to make the changes you need to find your happy place. Start doing this by adding something you love to your everyday life. I promise you, it will rock your world!

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2 Responses to Steadfast in Nature

  1. Carol says:

    Gorgeous photos and what a wonderful way to start the year. I knew you’d been ill, but an IV! So glad that is behind you. Your phrase is perfect for you. Now I just have to figure out mine. :)

  2. Kel Wilson says:

    Thank you, Carol. It was almost impossible not to take a good picture. They had had a huge snowfall the day before and it was pristine up there.

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