one woman told the truth Muriel RukeyserWhat is truth?

  1. sincerity in action
  2. being in alignment with reality
  3. the real, genuine, authentic you

In walking our paths of self-discovery, we uncovered many truths about ourselves. Here are two:

Kel: I bought a house and filled it with stuff to gain someone else’s approval. Now, not only do I have a house and stuff that is not in alignment with who I really am, but I don’t even have contact with those individuals.

Tracy: I have never had to work hard to “succeed.” I don’t even know what it would look like to show up and give 100% effort to my own life.

We want to create a safe place for women to share and start believing in their truths. Standing in the reality of our truth is a powerful place to begin change.

Your truth will be completely anonymous. It cannot be traced back to you. From time to time, we will share a selection with our readers, because in sharing our truths, we discover that we are not alone.


What's Your Truth?

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